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Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2010-11

Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2010-11

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Sandra Batie (MSU) "The Science of Agricultural Sustainability"

Gary S. Becker (Chicago) "The World Wide Boom in Higher Education, Especially of Women."

Charles Carlstrom (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)  "Contract Indexation and Agency Costs"

Carlos Chiapa (El Colegio de Mexico) "The Effect of Social Programs & Exposure to Professionals on the Educational Aspirations of the Poor."

Glenn E. Dutcher (OSU) "The Effect of Social Distance on Work Effort: An Experimental Investigation."

Elif Incekara Hafalir (Tepper Business School, Carnegie Mellon) "The Impact of Credit Cards on Spending: A Field Experiment."

Daniel Hartley (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) "Endogenous Gentrification & Housing Price Dynamics."

Daniel Hosken '90 (Federal Trade Commission) "The Price Effects of a Large Merger of Manufacturers: A Case Study of Maytag-Whirlpool." 

David A. Hsieh (Duke) "Understanding Hedge Fund Strategies and Their Risks." 

Andreas Pape '98 (SUNY, Binghamton) "An Insurance Model of Property Tax Limits."

Russell Pittman '73 (US Dept of Justice) "Chinese Economic Reforms: What About the Infrastructure?" 

Timothy C. Salmon (FSU) "What Motivates Political Preferences?"

Murat Tasci (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) "Search Frictions and the Labor Wedge."

Marilyn Waring (AUT, New Zealand) "Alternatives to GDP: Who is Doing What?" and "Economics as a Social Science: The Real World View."

Honors Students:

Albert (Edward) Atkinson, “Employee Stock Option Valuation and the Adversity of Job Loss”.


Gary R. Cohen, “Strategic Competition over School Inputs and Outputs”.


Eric Hardy, “Understanding Behavior among Asymmetric Bidders”.


Tyler Robinson, “Explaining Price Disparities among Regional Natural Gas Markets”.


Nicolas Sippl-Swezey, “Heterogeneous Gain Forecasting using Historic Asset Information”.


Ian Walker, “The Effect of British colonial Rule on Long-run Outcomes in India”.

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