Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
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Greggor Mattson

Administrative Assistant:
David Divins

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Fall 2003

Fall 2003

Online Syllabi:

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Fall 2003 Program Courses:

WOST-100-01 & -02: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies (Ms. Germain)
WOST-300-01: Feminist Research Methodologies (Ms. Kozol)
WOST-330-01: Global Feminisms (Ms. Germain)
WOST-407-01: Seminar: Picturing War: American Visual Culture, Militarization, and Crises of Identity (Ms. Kozol)

Fall 2003 Discipline-focused Courses:

FYSP 141--01: The Writings of Women in Japanese Culture (Ms. Gay)
HIST 267-01: Gender, Ethnicity, and Race in 19th Century America (Ms. Lasser)
HIST 319-01: Women in Transnational Europe (Ms. Chin)
HIST 344-01: Colloquium: Gender, Marriage, and Family in China (Mr. Kelley)
HIST 350-01: Women in Modern Japan, 1868 to the Present (Mr. DiCenzo)
PSYC 224-01: Psychology of Gender (Ms. Miller, Ms. Harrell)
RELG 263-01: Roots of Religious Feminism in North America (Ms. Kamitsuka)