Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
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Greggor Mattson

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David Divins

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Transfer of Credits

Transfer of Credits

Transfer of Credits Requirements

Students applying for preliminary approval of credit transfer to the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (GSFS), and students seeking approval of credit transfer following completion of courses done off-campus are required to present the following to the Program Director:

  1. To apply for preliminary approval, bring in all explanatory documentation related to the study away program, including descriptions of each course for which you seek approval.
  2. For assessment and credit decision following completion, bring in preliminary approval form (if appropriate).
  3. Bring in transcript from other institution with grade (C grade or above).
  4. Bring in syllabus from course or a full description of all the work, time spent, readings, assignments, speakers, films, etc.
  5. Bring in copies of all completed papers, tests, journals, field notes, etc.
  6. For students applying for GSFS independent study credits (1-3, depending on focus of study, time invested, and quality of research and written products), bring in a transcript, all work completed, and the original “contract” of work to be completed as determined with the independent study supervisor. Variable credit(s) can only be awarded where a reputable study away program awards credits for independent research that can be transferred to Oberlin.

  1. A maximum of ten (10) credits total from other institutions or study away programs can be approved toward the GSFS major for declared majors.  A maximum of five (5) such credits can be approved towards the GSFS minor for declared minors.
  2. In deciding whether and how many credits to transfer as major, minor, or elective credit, the Program Director will look for equivalence (existing or logical) in relation to GSFS “Gateway” and “Elective” semester courses.
  3. It is common for students to receive less credit than they would for a typical Oberlin College GFSF-designated course, even in semester-long study away courses.
  4. If transferred courses are to count for the GSFS major, they must be included in your Major Rationale.  If you have already submitted this rationale, you must revise it to include these courses.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all paperwork is processed. Be sure to check your transcript.