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Dennis Hubbard

Administrative Assistant:
Pat Sturges

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Phone: (440) 775-8350
Fax: (440) 775-8038

52 W. Lorain St.
Carnegie Building, Rm. 403
Oberlin, OH, 44074

Courses and Faculty

Courses and Faculty
Current and Upcoming Courses
GEOL 235: Applied GIS
Next Semester Offered: First Semester, Fall 2014
Credits (Range): 4 hours 
Attribute: 4NS, QP-H 
Class Description: Geographic information systems (GIS) are used widely in the sciences, business, and other disciplines to examine data that have spatial distribution. This course will introduce students to the methods for collecting spatial data and analyzing those data using GIS, mainly through hands-on use of the industry standard ESRI ArcGIS software. Through lecture and laboratory, students will learn to collect, manage, visualize, and analyze geographic data. Students will create their own GIS based research project. 
Enrollment Limit: 14 
Instructor: Matt Jungers
Prerequisites & Notes
Geology 120 or consent of the instructor.
Winter Term 2015
What: On-campus, group project, no fee, full credit project
When: January 2014, M-F 5-6 hrs/day
Where: Carnegie 213
Instructor: Katrina Gelwick

Project description: This project will present an introduction to GIS (Geographic information systems) through hands-on use of ESRI ArcGIS software. Students will learn to create maps and analyze geographic data using ArcGIS. This project is suitable for students of all majors. Students will spend 3 weeks completing lab exercises and 1 week  completing a final project. The final project may be a pre-existing independent research project or an assigned community-based project. Being able to use GIS is a highly sought-after job skill. GIS is used by scientists, non-profits, environmental managers, businesses, and government agencies.

Faculty and Staff

Amanda Schmidt
Assistant Professor of Geology
Office: Carnegie 408 (office) and 418 (lab)

Amanda joined the Oberlin's Geology Department during the spring of 2011. She teaches Applied GIS (GEOL235), Earth Surface Processes (GEOL212), and Soils and Society (GEOL152).
For more information, view her website:
Matt Jungers
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology
Office: Carnegie 406
Office hours: Tuesdays 1:30 to 3:30, Wednesdays 11:30 to 12:30

Katrina Gelwick
GIS Research Assistant
Office: Carnegie 305
Office hours: Carnegie 213, Mondays from 1:30 to 3:30.