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Polly Bratton

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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

German Language and Literatures Summer Stipend Guide

The Department of German Language and Literatures will award two Max Kade Summer German Study Awards of $2.000 to students pursing German language study during the summer. These awards are designed to offset travel, study, and living expenses for a summer-long study of the German language at the intermediate level. The stipends are intended to support study in a German-speaking country, but students who select immersion programs in the United States will also be considered. Because of the competitive nature of these awards, please read the following requirements and application procedures carefully as you consider applying for a stipend.
•    The award is open to Oberlin students who have completed at least one course in the German department.
•    Students must have secured admission to a summer program by the application deadline.
•    Preference will be given to applicants in their first or second years of study at Oberlin.
•    Preference will be given to applicants who select rigorous programs of substantial duration; e.g., a two-month course will be viewed more favorably than a two-week course.
Application Procedure
To be considered for a stipend, all students must submit a complete application packet including:
•    Completed Application Form (see reverse side)
•    Personal Statement
•    Names/contact information for two references; previous and current German instructors are recommended
•    Unofficial transcript
•    Finalists will participate in a 10-minute interview.

Personal Statement
This should be a one- to two-page, single-sided, double-spaced proposal. The first part should be in English and the second in German. Your statement should contain the following elements:

In English:
•    Describe your selected course of study, including the name, location and duration of your program.
•    Include relevant personal information such as your major, year, course of study and related interests. 
•    Describe your long-term academic and intellectual goals and discuss how this opportunity to study German will help you to achieve these goals.

In German:
•    Describe yourself and explain your interest in the German language.
•    Tell us about literature, art, or music that you like. Who is your favorite author, artist, or composer? Why?

Finalists will take part in an individual 10-minute interview. Students should be prepared to elaborate further on their personal essay and the relevance of their summer course to their future academic and or career plans.

Post-study Requirements
If awarded a stipend, students will be required to:
1) write a post-study report documenting appropriate use of the Award,
2) continue their study of German at Oberlin College.
Any unexpended or undocumented funds must be returned to the college.

Learn more about study away opportunities on the Office of Study Away website.

Study Abroad Opportunities

At the more advanced level, students may compete in the annual German University Exchange Scholarship program (Verband der deutsch-amerikanischer Clubs). This program provides the opportunity for individual, year-long, supervised study at a German University of the student's choice. In recent years students have studied at universities in Berlin, Munich, Koblenz, Mainz, Essen, and Tübingen.

The department has also established close ties to programs at other institutions and will assist students in exploring such options. Among these are the excellent Wayne State University Junior Year Abroad Program in Munich and Brethren Colleges Abroad Program in Marburg, in which Oberlin students have regularly particpated. The department is also pleased to recommend the Duke in Berlin Program and Boston University Dresden Program.

For intensive language and culture studies, in summer and during the year, students have two options, Das Goethe-Institut with centers throughout Germany and in Vienna with ActiLingua. Please talk with department members if you are interested in studying abroad.