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Stephen FitzGerald's Invited Talks

Stephen FitzGerald's Invited Talks

American Chemical Society Conference, San Diego, March 2016
Site Selective Spectroscopy: Interactions of Adsorbed H2 in MOFs

American Crystallographic Association Conference, Pennsylvania, July 2015
Metal Bonded Organic Frameworks, Hydrogen Bonded Frameworks, and Jesse Rowsell

Telluride Research Conference, Metal-Organic Frameworks: Experiments and Simulation, June 2015
Infrared Spectroscopy of H2 in MOFs

Jesse Rowsell Memorial Symposium and Celebration, Oberlin College, April 2015
MOF-5: There and Back Again

Telluride Research Conference, Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Coupled Anharmonic Vibrations of Floppy Molecular Systems, July 2014
Overtone vibrational spectroscopy and anharmonic behavior in adsorbed molecular hydrogen

Gordon Research Conference, Hydrogen-Metal Systems, Il Ciocco, Italy, July 2013
Investigating Adsorbed Molecular Hydrogen with Infrared Spectroscopy

Materials Research Society Conference, Salt Lake City, April 2012
Metal-Specific Interactions of H2 in an Isostructural MOF Series