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Physics and Astronomy Lecture Series

Physics and Astronomy Lecture Series



17 (Thursday) 4:35 pm

Speaker:  R. Sooryakumar, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
Title:  Magnetic Micro-shuttles: Bioengineering at the cellular level
Abstract:  One of the major challenges in nanoscience, and the advancement of nanotechnology in general, is the development of precision tools for the manipulation and transport of nanoparticles and biological entities with directed forces. The difficulty of such manipulation becomes even more pronounced in a native fluid environment when stochastic Brownian motion disrupts targeted activities.
We have developed new approaches based on reprogrammable magnetic signatures patterned on a surface, to create remotely-controllable microscopic shuttles. Requiring only five tiny electromagnets, a game controller and the power equivalent to a 60W light bulb, tunable femto- to pico-Newton range forces guide, assemble and manipulate biological cells and micro-organisms in a fluid.
The physics underlying these joystick- and voice-activated approaches, that have been successfully implemented for fundamental nanoscience, bioengineering and medicine, will be discussed as we move towards realizing new intra-cellular probes within living cells.
Location:  Wright 201

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