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Physics Honors Projects

Physics Honors Projects






















  • Christopher V. Kelly, Magnetic Characterization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized Via the Polyol Method
  • Daniel F. Reeves, Pulsar Scintillation and the Interstellar Medium


  • Scott T. Forth, Induced Infrared Absorption of H2 in C60
  • Jeremy S. Gaumer, Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Thin Films for CIS Solar Cell Window Layers
  • Marie T. Rinkoski, Gas Storage in C60
  • Timothy D. Wortherspoon, The WKB Approximation in Power-Law Potentials


  • Kathryn M. Becker, Time Variability of Scintillation Structure in Pulsar Secondary Spectra Over Twenty Years
  • Mark A. Kramer, The Parabolic Arc Phenomenon in Scintillation from the Pulsar PSR 1133+16
  • Gamaliel N. Lodge, The Tri-Linear Three Body Problem


  • Nathan C. Shaner, Total Reaction and 2n-Removal Cross Sections for 6-9,11Li on Pb


  • Scott S. Sheppard, The Effect of Deposition Pressure on Stress in Sputtered Molybdenum Thin Films


  • Joshua C. Kempner, Multi-Frequency Observations of Giant Pulses from the Pulsar PSR J0437-4715
  • Naomi McClure-Griffiths, A Scintillation Study of the Eclipsing Pulsar PSR B1259-63


  • Brendan D. Field, Investigation of a Piezoelectric Disk Coupled to a Cylindrical Pipe
  • Eric D. Miller, Deep R-Band Surface Photometry of NGC 891
  • Edward B. Myers, Time Development of the Wavefunction of a Damped Quantized System
  • Paul M. Voyles, CuInS2 Thin Films for Solar Cell Absorber Layers


  • Jennifer R. Hampton, Complex Admittance Measurements of Thin-Film Polycrystalline Solar Cells
  • Ashok Muthukrishnan, Electromagnetic Dissociation of 8B on 28S


  • Daniel A. Butts, Monte Carlo Simulations of Phase Transitions
  • Christine Lee Carpenter, Microscopic Predictions for the Reaction Cross Sections of Possible Halo Nuclei
  • Michael Douglas Faison, Observations of Refractive and Diffractive Scintillation of the Pulsar PSR 0329+54
  • Seth T. Johnson, Optical Character Recognition
  • Jay F. Whitacre, A Study of Trap Structure in Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Cells Using Complex Admittance Analysis


  • Nicholas P. Borland, Temperature and Gate Voltage Dependence of Random Telegraph Switching in MOSFETs
  • James T. Chapman, Refractive Imaging of the Pulsar PSR 1642-03
  • Gary N. Felder, Distances Between Quantal States: A First Move Towards Examining Chaos in Quantum Mechanics
  • Jonathan M. Fetter, Cross Sections for the Reaction α(α,3He)5He


  • M. Lenore Horner, Exploration of the Parameters t and U in the Tight-Binding, Single-Band Hubbard Model
  • Afan J. Ottenheimer, Determination of Pulsar Dispersion Measures Using Multi-Frequency Microstructure Observations
  • Robin E. Snyder, A Feasibility Study of Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments at the Soudan 2 Detector
  • Willaim F. Waite, Prediction and Measurement of Total Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections


  • Daniel Alphonse Francis, Fluid Velocity Measurement Using Laser Doppler Velocimetry
  • Matthew L. Trawick, Microstructure Dispersion for Three Pulsars
  • Robert J. Orr, Reaction Probabilities and the Average Reaction Cross Section for 18 MeV to 32 MeV 6Li in Si


  • Timothy J. Collins, Chaos and the Restricted Three Body Problem
  • Michael V. Keilman, Lyapunov Exponents (and Their Breakdown) in the One-Dimensional Logistic Map
  • Nathan A. Schwadron, Thermal Noise in a Diode: A Generalization of Nyquist’s Theorem 


  • Keith M. Berland, The Reaction Cross Section for 6Li in Si at 17-23 MeV
  • Stephen A. Klein, Classical Orbits and Quantal Degeneracy
  • Joseph D. Peidle, Sieverts’ Law in the Palladium-Hydrogen System
  • David Zelcer Rudner, In-Plane Displacement Measurements Using Laser Speckle Interferometry


  • David Ehrenstein, A Study of the Benade Piezoelectric Impedance Head
  • David Galt, Explosive Amplification: A Mechanism for Galaxy Clustering
  • Paul A. Kimoto, Duffing’s Equation and Period Doubling: A Study of a Nonlinear Oscillator
  • Gail S. Welsh, Quantum Mechanics of Non-Coulombic Central Potentials


  • Mark Johnston, The Oberlin 4-meter Radio Telescope


  • Paul E. Robbins, Nonlinear Oscillations in Double-Diffusive Thermohaline Systems


  • John A. DiTusa, Coalescence as a Means for Explaining Anomalous Yields of Deuterons in Li(p,pd) Experiments
  • Eric Christopher Hoffman, The Optical Excitation of Surface Plasmons on Thin Aluminum Films
  • Simon G. Kaplan, Measures of Strangeness: Time Series Analysis of a Nonlinear Electrical Circuit
  • Eric S. Megli, Stellar Evolution: Use of Sequence of Static Models to Approximate Stellar Evolution
  • Elizabeth A. Norton, Some Cosmological Questions Leading to the Inflationary Universe
  • Brian Vaughan, Directionality in Stimulated Emission: A Comparison of Approaches


  • Ben J. Bishoff, An Acoustic Stroboscope
  • Iwan Pranata, Measurement of Lifetimes
  • Sharon M. Ross, Looking for Order in Chaos


  • Kenneth I. Blumm, The Road to Chaos is Paved with Strange Attractors: An Investigation of the Behavior of a Driven Non-Linear Oscillator


  • Daniel R. McNeal, Model Stellar Interiors: Luminosities of Population I and Population II Stars
  • Theodore B. Norris, Quantum Beat Experiments on Calcium


  • Robert Heingartner, The Measurement of the Specific Heat of Aluminum
  • Matthew G. Weinstein, The Theory of Spontaneous Emission and Measurement of Atomic Excited State Lifetimes


  • Thomas Alan Barrett, Viewing the Sun with Oberlin's Radio Telescope
  • William T. Conner, Building a Mass Spectrometer: Design, Operation, results and Difficulties
  • Patricia Joanne Kurtz, X-Ray Crystallography: The Debye-Scherrer Method
  • Bruce Alan Mason, The Wilson Cloud Chamber: Theory, Design and Operation


  • Anthony J. Mannucci, The Measurement of the Hyperfine Structure and Nuclear Spin of 39K
  • Stephen Lyon Palfrey, The Scattering of Near-Resonance Light with a High Intensity Coherent Source
  • Phillip J. Restle, Spectator Reactions Producing Four-Body Final States in the Reaction 6Li(3He,ατ)d
  • Mark R. Showalter, A Report on the Oberlin Radio Telescope


  • David Groff,(Title Unknown)
  • Donn Christopher Martin, Double Spectator Poles in 6Li(6Li,αdd)α and 6Li(6Li,ααd)d
  • James Jiro Mori, Design and Almost Building of a Pulsed Nitrogen Laser
  • Ann Judith Silversmith, Electron Trapping in Semiconductors
  • George Martin Thurston, Considerations about a Theoretical Formalism for the Sliding Filament Theory of Muscle Contraction


  • Arthur Mark Howald, The Effects of Collisions on Atomic Line Profiles
  • Aram Partizian, The Mössbauer Effect
  • Spencer Woodlief Thomas, Computer Generation of Holograms
  • Carolyn Wolfe, Noise and the Biomembrane


  • Margaret Cheney, (Title Unknown)
  • Robert David Feldman, Initial and Final State Interactions in 2H(d,pp)nn
  • Wayne Clark Lemley, Near-Resonant Scattering in Atomic Vapors
  • Francis L. Stephenson, Precession Theory of the Origin of the Geomagnetic Field
  • Lynne D. Talley, Linear Magnetic Birefringence
  • Terje Graham Vold, Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics 


  • Paul E. Bigeleisen, Raman Spectroscopy
  • Howard Charles Brayman, The Optical Pumping of Rubidium


  • Stephanie DiCenzo, Final State Interactions in the Reaction d(d,pp)nn
  • James Philip Eisenstein, Some Problems in Quantum Theory
  • Gillis Robert Otten, A Study of the Formation of Spectral Lines in Stellar Atmospheres


  • Louis Buchholtz, Construction of a Pulsed Molecular-Nitrogen Laser
  • Richard Jacob Katz, Construction of a Pulsed Molecular-Nitrogen Laser
  • Richard London, Observations of the Earth’s Electric Field


  • Robert Leslie Clair, Observation of the Photospheric Oscillations with the 7699Å Fraunhofer Line


  • Larry Allen Wilson, K-K collision Cross Sections


  • Glenn Richard Flierl, The d(3He,dp)d Reaction
  • Susan Mary Kelso, The p-p Final State Interaction in the Reaction 3He(d,tp) p
  • Kenneth Edward Louden, Observation of the Solar 7699Å Fraunhofer Line with an Atomic Beam Spectrophotometer
  • Gary Richard Smith, Measurement of the Differential Elastic Scattering Cross Section for Low-Energy Electrons in Argon Gas
  • Paul Dana Vanas, A General View of Conduction in Metals


  • Brian Elliott Corey, Theory and Experiment in the Reactions 3He(d,pt)p and d(d,pd)n
  • Paul Edwin Francis, The Transition of Indium from a Type I to a Type II Superconductor
  • Eric Robert Wollman, The Impulse Approximation and Multiple-Scattering Corrections in the d(n,p)2n Reaction


  • William Henry Hartman, Macroscopic Theories of Superconductivity
  • Roger Alan Smith, Stellar Models


  • David Burress, Theoretical Alpha-Deuteron Cross Section by Simple Approximations


  • Douglas Burt Clarke, The New Translator Computer Programs and an Analysis of Some Sample Distributions in Energy Physics
  • Peter Hale Molnar, Angular Correlation of Successively Emitted Gamma Rays from Nickel-60
  • Lynn Mary Olson, The Mössbauer Effect
  • Philip Lentner Pritchett, High Energy Nucleon-Nucleus Scattering
  • Herbert David Zeman, Absorption of Negative Mesons in Liquid Hydrogen


  • William Edward Cooper, The Mössbauer Effect
  • Robert Alan Eisenstein, Angular Correlation of Successively Emitted Gamma Rays from Nickel-60
  • Martin Charles Weisskopf, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


  • Frederick Russell Blattner, The Oberlin Cyclotron as of May 21, 1962


  • William Lee Faissler, Report on Cyclotron, 1960-1961
  • W. Bruce Richards, Report on Cyclotron, 1960-1961