Physics and Astronomy
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Stephen FitzGerald

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Diane Doman

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Wright Laboratory of Physics
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Christopher (Chris) Martin

Christopher (Chris) Martin

Associate Professor

Chris Martin, Associate Professor of Physics

Contact Information


Wright Laboratory 212
(440) 775-6730

Christopher (Chris) Martin

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, Rice University, 1994
  • Master of Arts, Univ California Santa Barbara, 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univ California Santa Barbara, 1999

Classes for Spring 2012:

PHYS 242: Electronics

ASTR 302: Astrophysics II

Current Research interests:

Galactic Dynamics

Our group has been awarded time on ESA's Herschel Observatory to observe the inflow of matter in the Milky Way. HIGGS: The Herschel Inner Galaxy Gas Survey, is studying key regions near the center of the galaxy in order to understand its energetics. As one of Herschel's key projects, this research project helps define the scientific goals of this exciting telescope.

Antarctic Astrophysics

Using the AST/RO telescope formerly located at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, I learn about how new stars form and the dynamics of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our group has also received funding to build a Long Duration Balloon (LDB) telescope known as STO: The Stratospheric TeraHertz Observatory. STO flew above the Antarctic cost for 2 weeks in January 2012 while observing star forming regions in frequencies of light not accessible from the ground.

Upper Atmosphere Aeronomy

Using remote sensing techniques from the ground, I can learn about the chemistry and dynamics of the Earth's mesosphere and thermosphere.