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Jerome Davis Research Award / Comfort Starr Award


The Oberlin College Jerome Davis Research Award. The Jerome Davis Research Award comes from the Jerome Davis Research Fund. This fund was established in 1924 to support Oberlin students who "worked with labor" to facilitate "mutual understanding and cooperation in the field of industry." Students were expected to publish the results of such fieldwork. Later in the twentieth century, Dr. Jerome Davis agreed to expand the terms of the fund to make available study grants to "Honors and other well-qualified students in the social sciences at Oberlin to assist them in doing field work in a community as part of their academic programs. In awarding the grants, consideration will be given to financial needs."

 The Jerome Davis Research Award Committee is chaired by a faculty member of the Oberlin College Sociology Department and includes faculty representatives from the departments of anthropology, economics, history, politics, and psychology.

Every fall and spring term, the Jerome Davis Research Award Committee invites high-quality applications from Oberlin College Honors and other advanced students (except Senior Scholars) to defray research costs for well-defined field work projects that focus on and benefit or have some implications for a community (broadly defined).  Students can apply for reimbursement for research already undertaken, but need to submit receipts with the application.  Awards do not exceed $750 and may be used for expenses related to travel to and from a research site, interviewing, supplies, equipment rental, and so on. The awards do not fund photocopying of an honors thesis. The field work should result in a research paper.  

Student Application for Spring 2018          Faculty Letter of Support

The application deadline is Friday, March 9, 2018.

Forms can be obtained from the departmental secretaries:

Pat Armstrong, Department of Sociology, King 205
Jackie Fortino, Department of Anthropology, King 223
Terri Pleska, Department of Economics, Rice 233
Joan Gleason, Psychology Department, Severance 105
Kathy King, History Department, Rice 316
Tracy Tucker, Politics Department, Rice 216
David Divins, Africana Studies, Rice 29
Rosalind Soltow, Environmental Studies, AJLC 211

Further information may be obtained from the Chair of the Jerome Davis Research Fund Committee, Rick Baldoz,

About Jerome Davis

“Jerome Davis was born on December 2, 1891 in Kioto, Japan where his parents were missionaries. His father had helped to found Doshisha University and was a teacher there so Jerome spent his early childhood in Japan. He came to the United States in 1904 to attend Oberlin Academy and, later, Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. In college he was an active member of the debating team and president of the Young Men's Christian Association. After graduation in 1913, he decided he wanted to enter a service occupation. For a year he worked with the Minneapolis Civic and Commerce Association. Among his other accomplishments, he was able to get a half holiday for workers in some of the larger factories in Minneapolis. In 1914, Davis decided to study for the ministry and also obtain a doctorate. He began studying at Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University simultaneously…. Davis did not return to school that fall [1915]. Instead, he volunteered to go to Europe and work with prisoners of war…. When the United States entered the war he was put in charge of all YMCA work in Russia. At the request of the U.S. Government, he directed the distribution of over a million copies of President Wilson's "14 Points" message to soldiers in the German army. Jerome Davis was opposed to the United States invasion of Russia because he felt more could be accomplished by recognizing the Soviet Union and trying to work with them than by going to war…. After completing his work at Union Theological Seminary in 1920 and obtaining his Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Columbia University in 1922, Davis became an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Dartmouth College…. While at Dartmouth he aided the labor movement by investigating a strike at the Amoskeag plant in Manchester, New Hampshire and publishing his findings. The Federal Coal Commission asked him to investigate the labor situation in the coal mines of West Virginia. 

Many of his findings were incorporated in the Federal Coal Commission report. During this period, he was also serving as chairman of the Social Service Commission of the Congregational Church. His work in social service brought him an in invitation, in 1924, to occupy the Gilbert L. Stark Chair of Practical Philanthropy at Yale University. While at Yale, Davis helped to organize monthly labor forums for the New Haven Trades Council, formulated a statement of social ideals regarding labor which was adopted by the Congregational and Christian Churches of America and served as chairman of the Social Service Commission of all the Protestant Churches in Connecticut. He also served as chairman of the Legislative Commission on Jails of the State of Connecticut for twelve years…. Some of Jerome Davis' stands, particularly on organized labor, were unpopular with various members of the Yale Board of Directors. This hampered his career at Yale and eventually cost him his job. The case generated considerable publicity in 1936 and investigations were conducted by the National Education Association, the American Federation of Labor and the American Association of University Professors…. Davis was elected president of the American Federation of Teachers in 1936 and served in that capacity for three years. In 1940, he was a delegate from Connecticut to the Democratic National Convention. He was a visiting professor at various colleges and universities but never again held a full‑time teaching position. During World War II, he headed the YMCA prisoner of war work in Canada and served as a correspondent in Russia in 1943 and 1944. In 1949 he headed a peace mission to Europe and in 1952 became the Executive Director of Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc…. Jerome Davis has written numerous articles and over twenty books….  Jerome Davis died on October 19, 1979….”

From a description of the Papers of Jerome Davis at:

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

4079 Albany Post Road

Hyde Park, New York 12538


Oberlin College archives URL: 




Academic Year 2017-2018
Fall 2017

Joshua Ashkinaze:Hot Tempers & Cold Turkeys: The Effect of Political Polarization on Thanksgiving Travel
Zurisiday Gutierrez-Avila: Higher Education Responses to Undocumented Students
Hannah Kim: Forget-Me-Not: Memoirs of Genocide, the Armenian American Lobby, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Ramzy Lakos: Kinship and Cognition
Xin Luan: Kinship Cognition: the Psychological Effects of Kinship Classification in Chinese and English
Liam McLean: The Production and Circulation of Counterterrorist Discourse In Academic Institutions
Rebecca Primoff: Demand Elasticity and Market Power in the Legal Marijuana Industry
Ari Rosenblum: Gender Nonconformity and the Stereotype Content Model
Charis Stanek: Mental Health Discourses at Oberlin College: Stigmas and Help-Seeking
Eric Thompson: Investigating the Effects of Varying Payoff Structures on Strategies in a Repeated Stag Hunt Game
Angie: Vaaler: Make Proud Choices!: The formation of sexual citizenship in the Minneapolis
Spring 2018

Academic Year 2016-2017
Maria Bertrand:  Using the Reverse Correlation Task and the IAT to Assess Anti-Atheist Prejudice
Brian Cabral:  Testing Discipline:  An Analysis of Chicago City Politics, Education Policy, and the Crisis of Young Latino Men in Secondary Education
Maurice Cohn:  Searching for Community:  German and Jewish Themes in Schoenberg's Moses and Aron
Kaia Diringer:  The Historical Significance of the Shooting at Mother Emanuel:  Understanding Conflicting Narratives in Historical Education and Remembrance
Ian Gilchrist:  Mobilizing Mythology:  Soviet State Power on the Leningrad Metro
Alexa L'Insalata:  Evaluating the link between e-cigarette use and dieting practices among individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder
Jeeva Muhil:  Relations of Invisibility and Belonging within Oberlin Labor
Lillian Posner:  "Quiet, Quiet Became Leningrad", Soviet Censorship of Poetry and the Leningrad Victory Narrative, 1945-1953
Tory Sparks:  "This is a Closed Space for Queer-Identifying Folx":  Queer Spaces on Campus
Aliza Spruch-Feiner:  How Stereotypical Metaphors in Testimony Shape Juror Cognition and Decision-Making
Xavier Tirado:  Pathways In and Out of STEM:  An Exploration of School Structure and its effects on Underrepresented Minorities at Oberlin College

Zachary Moo Young:  Oberlin College Hoops:  Sport and Diversity in Higher Education
Jasper Clarkburg: Regulatory Threat and the Natural Gas Industry in the US
Claire Coleman: Impact of Flat Tax Policies on the Labor Force in Post-Soviet Czech Republic and Slovakia
Justine Gonzales: Juror Biases in Insanity Defense Sentencing Decisions
Jeeva Muhil: Invisibility and Belonging Within Oberlin Labor
Monique Newton: Myths v. Reality: Uncovering the Causes of African American Voter Turnout in the United States
Aliya Tuzhilin: Using Metaphors to Promote Pro-Environmental Behavior

Academic Year 2015-2016
Stephanie Atwood:  Implicit and explicit attitudes towards transgender people:  The role of social desirability and tolerance for ambiguity
Sarah Cox:  Crime on the Mind:  The Effects of Metaphor on the Recall of Narrative
Lujza Demuthova:  Slovak Diaspora in the U.S.
Jordan Doll:  The Empirical Effects of Trigger Warnings in Higher Education
Jesse Gamoran:  Visiting Program for Former Jewish Residents of Munich
Daniel Hautzinger:  Benjamin Britten and the Democratization of Art in Aldeburgh
Zia Kandler:  Women in Resistance impacks on Land, Life, and Community
Daye Lee:  Decision Making and Metaphors in a Foreign Language
Katie Lucaites:  Motivation and the ERN:  Effects of Social Loafing on our Neural Response to Errors
Charlotte Martin:  Everybody, Wear a Helmet?  Safe Spaces in an age of Institutional Change
Katherine Moncure:  Inverted Quarantine:  Individualist Responses to Collective Fear
Kiley Petersen:  Indigenous Resilience, Adaption and Community Solidarity in the Face of Climate Change
Olivia Graeme Roak:  Music of Resilience:  Exploring the significance of music in Inupiat identity formation and cultural resilience in the face of climate change
Maria Roussos:  Effects of Greenwashing on Consumer Perceptions and Purchasing Habits
David Skrill:  Economics Honors Project:  "Is proximity to low income housing capitalized in surrounding property values in Erie County?"
Barbara Toizer:  The effect of perceived essentialism on group relative deprivation and collective action
Paulus van Horne:  Indigenous Communication

Lang Xu:  Interpersonal Closeness and Cooperative Behavior

Academic Year 2014-2015
Jasmine Adams:  Searching for the Bullet
Christophe Beaumier:  Challenging Notions of American Homeownership:  Housing and Community Change
Sophia Becker:  Resilience and Landscape Narratives:  Socially Engaged Performing Arts in Land/Body Relationships
Pablo Cerdera:  Brett Cook's Reflections of Healing:  A Case Study in Socially Engaged Art
Mira Fein:  Perceptions of guilt in a capital offense case; gender, psychopathy and traumatic brain injury as mediators of sentencing.
Karlyn Gehring:  Persuasive Capacity of Metaphors
Talia Greenberg:  The Effects of Music on Foreign Language Learning
Evelyn Kalafus-Mastenbrook:  Thought Speed and Decision-Making
Stephen Lezak:  Fishery Management
Alyssa Phelps:  Aid, Partnerships, and Mandates:  An Analysis of External Funding Strategies in Promoting Gender Equality in Nicaragua
Kathleen Thornton:  Financial Assistance to Present at 2015 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Naitonal Conference. "Housing the Dead Among the Living:  The Urban Graveyard in New Orleans, Louisiana"
Haylee Winikoff:  Perceptions of guilt in a capital offense case; gender, psychopathy and traumatic brain injury as mediators of sentencing.

Anna Winneg:  Issues and Interventions

Academic Year 2013-2014
Llona Bass:  The effects of information omission, information value, and theory of mind on evaluations of teachers.
Lily Bryant:  The Early Years of the Pinochet Regime and the Legalization of Coersion.
Mina Dialami:  Public Perceptions of Female Perpetrated Violence
Ian Gutgold:  From Krishna to Christ:  Kent Philpott, The Haight-Ashbury Counterculture and the Early Jesus People Movement in America.
Han Guel Jung:  Comparative Study of Alcohol and Tobacco
Reid Palmer:  Cadre Bessie:  A New Approach to Researching the Abraham Lincoln Battalion and the CPUSA
Rachel Simon:  The Effects of Extracurriculars on Happiness and Core Secial Motive Fulfillment.
Arielle Swernoff:  Can participatory democracy work in a modern city?  A study of the participatory budgeting experiments in Porto Alegre, New York, and Chicago. 
Evan Tincknell:  Promoting Systems Thinking and Its Effects on Decision Making
Lauren Vandemortel:  

Ruthie Wittenberg:  Sleep, Memory, and Hormones

Academic Year 2012-2013
Asher Butnik:  Heard and not Seen:  The Child in Contemporary Euro-American Pop Music
Qian Cheng:  Associative Self-anchoring in the Endowment Effect
Jordan Feinstein, Eli Clark-Davis:  How Much do YOu Deserve?:  Self-Designated Compensation with Effort Disparity
Taylor Field:  Does It Get Better for Parents:  Parental Reactions to Children Coming Out as LGBTQ
Aki Gormezano:  Power, perspective taking, and self construal across cultures
Amanda Hogan:  Embodies Praxis:  A Genealogical Exploration of Women Theorizing the Political
Eli Lisseck, Brieanna Frye, Yazhou "Chris" Li:  Common Pool Resource Experiment
Timothy McCarthy, Robert Yu, Ziheng He:  Risk Aversion Preferences in an Investment Setting
Richard McGuire:  Research on Dental Health Care Initiatives in Namibia
Yue Tang:  Effects of Post-learning Activity on Memory Consolidation

Academic Year 2011-2012

Nicholas Adell:  Lyndon Johnson and the Atlantic Alliance

Cora Allen-Coleman:  The Effects of Origin and Sex on Treatment Efficacies for Posttaumatic Stress Disorder:  A Review and Meta-Analysis

Gizem Iskenderoglu:  Peer Influence on Problem Solving Abilities

Ian Martin:  Fostering Cooperation:  The Effects of Punishments and Community to Discourage Free-Riding

Valdone Rakauskaite:  Contextual Variability in Peer Bullying as a Function of Teacher Tolerance and Participation

Sonia Roubini:  Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina Through the Documents of the Office of the High Commissioner

Robet Strauss:  Risky Decisions Under Stress

Chelsea Thomas:  Psychological Effects of Interaction with Animals

Christa Vassilliere:  The Spatial Properties of Music Perception

Rose Wesche:  Sexual Relationship Trajectories at the Transition to College

Academic Year 2010-2011

Gabriela Baker:  Assessing Barriers and Benefits to Local Produce Consumption for Low-income Residents in Northeast Ohio

Charlotte Beers:  Exploring the use of the Organ in the Moravian Church and its influence on Sacred Music in America

James Countryman:  SVP 2010 Monte Pallano Terrace Survey

Brittany Craig:  Reproductive freedoms throughout history with an emphasis on the Oberlin area

Eli Goldberg:  Characterization of Archaeological Tile Fabrics from the Sangro Valley, Italy

Marion Rockwood:  Smallholder Coping Strategies to Climate Change in Rural Zambia

Caleb Strait:  Tailoring Level of Detail in Instructions to Cognitive Style

Dalya Umans:  Language Flexibility and Personality

Aaron Wolf:  Determining whether Spectrophotometer CIE L*a*b* color analysis is an effective alternative to Munsell Soil Color Charts for the study of burnt bones

Academic Year 2009-2010

Emily Arons:  An Exploration of Community Dynamics Related to Coal Mining in West Virginia

Rafiq Bhatia:  Does the Neural Encoding of Reward Magnitude and Valence Predict Future Decisions?

Maia Brown:  From Mother to Daughter:  the Legacies of Jewish Women's Activism in the United States, Tracing the Roots of Jewish Solidarity Movements with the Palestinians

Rachel Cotterman:  Good Neighbors, Good Citizens:  Envisioning Civic Participation in Oberlin

Alanna Epstein:  Implicit Theories and Self-Efficacy in Oberlin Education Outreach Programs

Raquel Farah-Robison:  Historical Memory in El Salvador:  Competing Narratives of the Civil War (1992-Present)

Andrew Flachs:  Food for Thought:  The Social Impact of Community Gardens in the Greater Cleveland Area
Academic Year 2008-2009

Lucas Brown:  "Gender Differences in Educational Incentive Programs: Experimental Evidence" 
Benjamin Groth:  "The Sound of their Fury:  Hymns and Ritual of the Ku Klux Klan During the 1920s"

Shannon Ikebe"  "Electoral Reform Movements in Ontario and New Zealand"  

Katherine Lauth:  "Women of the Hills: The Shaping of Women Environmental Activists in Appalachia"

Cherelle N. Lewis:  "Black People Don't Go Skiing.  Why Black Individuals Take Less Financial Risk Than White Individuals of The Same Net Worth and How Discrimination in The Credit Market Plays a Role"  
Scott McInerney:  "Test Your Knowledge of the World"  

Jasmine Mote:  "The Effects of Tempo on Children's Interpretation of Emotion in Familiar and Unfamiliar Music"

Claudia Randrup:  "Evaluating the Effect of Colonialism on Deforestation in Madagascar:  A Social and Environmental History"  

Alia Mulder-Rosi:  "Children's Understanding and Detection of Deception"    
Alicia Smith:  "Black-White Relations at Oberlin College:  Interracial Dating in the 1970s"  

Nesaru Tchaas:  "Symbolic Interaction and the Social Construction of Space in a Campus Dining Hall"
Academic Year 2007-2008  
Kaitlin Barrer Michi Osato
Brian Bowers Kira Rivera
Julia Brown-Bernstein Ezra Pincus-Roth
Jamie Caplan Rachel Rothgery
Lora DiFranco Juliana Scherer
Jessica Greenberg Yan Slobodkin
Sarvnaz Lotfi Benjamin Striner
Rebecca Noonan Kirsten Zook
Academic Year 2006-2007:  
Benjamin Bor Slaine Jenkins
Ariane Burwell Marisol LeBron
Peter Collopy Sarah Litvin
Ayse Coskuner Erin Madden
Penina Eilberg-Schwartz David Munkittrick
Kim Brumkin Lydia Pelot-Hobbs
Hannah Godlove Adam Seidman
Daniel Gonzales Randy Shafer-Rickles
Janine Heiser Benjamin Weber
Emily Helton Elena Zagarskas
Melanie Henderson Arthur Zeyda
Academic Year 2005-2006:  
Nathan Brewer Rebecca Popuch
Rishad Choudhury Santosh Prakash
Apostol Dyankov David Reese
Jane Feutel Michael Roth
Martha Friedman Emma Rubin
Tamar Gressel Melissa Sanders
Elizabeth Hetherington Elizabeth Sebian
Rehan Jamil Andrew Seidel
Tristan Jones Joanna Steinberg
Adina Langer Oriana Syed
Cherrell Lewis Tamara White
Oliver Mains Leslie Worcester
Pari Mody Ariel Wortzman
Nancy Nguyen  
Academic Year 2004-2005:  
Clarke Ainsworth Cheyenne Munson
Paula Altman Nancy Nguyen
Masana Amamiya Matthew Pantell
David Banker Helen Robinson
Brian Block Mindi Rock
Isabell Call Michael Roth
Amber Cohen Any Seidel
Jessica DeLia Matt Seltzer
Daniel Hatkoff Elizabeth Shuey
Igor Holas Andrea Stokes
Rashne Limki Mami Suzuki
Hailey MacNear Alycia Usher
Lori Makin-Byrd Emily Wexler
Academic Year 2003-2004:  
Sara Abraham Samantha Pownall
Erin Evangeline Allen K. Stephen Prince
Masana Amamiya Jeremy Rich
Laura Barron Evan Smith
Shane Boris Hannah Snyder
Quinlan Bowman Adam Sorkin
Christine Clarke Melissa Threadgill
John Durkalski Rebecca Tinkelman
Meghan Fraley Elio Trabal
Amy Golladay Robin Judd Walker
Diana Grotheer Alesha Washington
Lisa Haisfield & Kyffin Dolliver Jason Weinberg
Logan Hegg Nathan Winker-Rhoades
Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer Bryan Woliner
Anna Levin Kathleen Yager
  Leah Ziskin

Academic Year 2002-2003:

Rebecca Brooke Meagen Huelsenbeck
Christina Congleton Claire Johns
Emily Enderie Jane Lee
Djordje Eremic Avery, Monsen
Sarah Gebhardt Nancy Nguyen
John Gilliland Kelly Porter
Joseph Greaves Shaady Salehi
Chad Hill Theresa Schmidt
  Dwaipayan Sen

Academic Year 2001- 2002:

Gloria Adams Noah Heller
Margaret Berger Sam Hobi
Michael Bobick Rebecca Kanuch
Yen Shem Chew Joseph Karpos-Maravigli
Netisha Currie Amy Levin-Epstein
Alicia D'Addario Lisa Merriweather
Rebecca Deeb MacKenzie Moore
Hilda Fehd Marissa Ramirez
Tysza Gandha Naomi Sabel
Goldie Greenstein Wendy Taylor
Julia Handelman Nathan Tobin
Andrew Harrison James Toth
  Pamela Walker

Academic Year 2000 - 2001:

Marcia Marie Allen Juliana Keen
Margery Ansara Morris Levin
Wendolyn Antibus Laura McClellan
Katherine Blauvelt Brendan Mislin
Katherine Cristiani Amy Pandijiris
Juliet Gorman Kate Pospisil
Emily Hall Elizabeth Solimine
Warren Herold Daniel Weiskopf
Aaren Jackson Ann Willemssen

The Comfort Starr Award

The Comfort Starr Award is one of Oberlin's oldest prizes for meritorious scholarly work. It was established in July of 1902 when Merritt Starr, of Cook County, Illinois, donated $2,500 to the College to help defray tuition costs to deserving students. In terms of the original grant, the prize was designed "for the education of deserving scholars in the college department maintained by said Oberlin College and who shall have attained superior excellence in their studies and who shall elect to pursue the courses of study given in said college in the studies of Civics, Economics, Political History and kindred subjects; and so far as is practicable the awarding of said scholarship shall be used as reward for excellence in said studies."
In November of 1923, Merritt Starr added to the original fund to raise its total to $10,000, the earnings from which would form the base for yearly Comfort Starr Awards. Mr. Starr specifically requested that the award be named the Comfort Starr Award in honor of his wife. In those early years, deserving students were named Comfort Starr recipients for tasks such as correcting themes in the History Department!
In 1937, the award became a prize rather than a form of student aid and students from the Departments of Sociology, Anthropology, History, Government, and Economics were made eligible to share the award.

Academic Year 2015-2016
Amethyst Carey
Yvette Chen
Charlotte M. Martin
Katherine Moncure
Hannah Santisi
G. Spencer Wojtyna
Academic Year 2014-2015
Christophe Beaumier
Taylor Field
Cassandra Hay
Rebecca Reidman
Juliana Ruoff
Laura Weiner
Academic Year 2013-2014
Max Coleman
Josie Davis
Emma Goldstein
Han Guel Jung
Rachel Manning
Aliza Rosenfeld
Danielle Shiv

Lauren Taylor


Academic Year 2012-2013
Melissa Atlas
Elizabeth Glickman
Kelsi Hurdle
Drew Kochman
Alison Messina
Karl Orozco
Alexandra Sharabianlou

Academic Year 2011-2012
Alen Cisija
Maya Iverson
Roger Kligerman
Ramona Negroponte
Elizabeth Orfaly
Olivia Rosenberg

Academic Year 2010-2011
Cindy Camacho    Raquel Farah-Robison
Grady Campion Lincoln Guthrie
Tamina Daruvala Elaine Sylvester
                                                                  James Tompsett

Academic Year 2009-2010
Loni R. Kaye     Allison A. Mayer
Benjamin M. Sandberg Alicia C. Smith
Katherine M. Leonetti Nesaru Tchaas

Academic Year 2008-2009

Patrick J. Carter                      Jessica L. Hodgkins
Kelsey E. Fuller     Ashley E. Kuitunen
Louise F. Hanks

Academic Year 2007-2008

Jami Caplan Zar Ni Maw
Nana Efua Embil Peter G. Steffy
Cecilia Galarraga Helena B. Vonk
Academic Year 2006-2007  
Hannah Godlove Erika Siegel
Caitlyn Hall  
Academic Year 2005-2006  
Alexandra Bartolf Emily Guirl
Klara Elfstrom Lisa Quay
Blaise Freeman Sarah Steinfeld
Academic Year 2004-2005  
Elana Klein Lisa Morris
Mark Knee Lorna Campbell
Academic Year 2003-2004  
Cheryl Arendts Alix Mansbach
Jessica Chock-Goldman Kathleen Yager
Sung-Mun Choi  
Academic Year 2002-2003  
Abigail (Abby) Farragher Valerie Potter
Lisa Merriweather Theresa Schmidt
Tudo (Freedom) Nguyen Harper Tobin

Academic Year 2001 - 2002:

Gloria Adams Jennifer Katz
Emily Hall Amy Levin-Epstein
  Anne Siegler

Academic Year 2000 - 2001:

Alyson Cambridge Bridget Matros
Courtney Manning Philip Rosenbloom
  Sarah Wyatt

Academic Year 1999 - 2000:

Lindsay Adelsheim Richard Naples
Jonathan Curley Allyson Peller
Colleen Gallopin Addie Rolnick

Academic Year 1998 - 1999:

Maria Barajas Catherine Mayhew
Megan Cutnaw Isabella Quintana
  Gladys Springborn

Academic Year 1997 - 1998:

Cheryl Brown Christine Ham
Alice Dei Ilisa Stalberg