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Clovis White's courses

Clovis White's courses

FYSP 118. Through the Looking Glass - 4 Credits
4SS, CD, WRi
In order to better understand the relationship among social statuses (race, ethnicity, gender), social class, and everyday life experiences, this course will focus on social demography and theories of identity formation and group interaction. We will employ current empirical data to investigate the demographic and social portraits of the United States in the new millennium. Emphasis will be placed on how demographic and social factors are entwined and how they interact to affect individual lives and identities. Enrollment Limit: 14.

125. Introduction to Sociology:  Analysis of Society - 4 Credits
A survey course to introduce students to the sociological way of looking at our world. This examination requires an exploration of the concepts, theories, and research findings related to the social organization of our world. Areas to be examined: concepts, culture, socialization, deviance and social control, social stratification, intergroup relations, the family, religion, politics, economics, and social movements. Enrollment Limit: 40. Limited to first- and second-year students.

222. Social Psychology:  A Sociological Approach - 4 Credits
Social psychology is an area of study within sociology, which examines the relationship between the individual and society. Emphasis is placed the scientific study of the social behavior and experiences stemming from individual's participation in social groups, interaction with others, and the effects of the cultural environment and social structures on the individual. Topics in social psychology include theories in social psychology, socialization, self and identity, attitudes and attitude change, social perception, language, social communication and group processes. Prerequisite: One introductory sociology course or consent of instructor. Enrollment Limit: 35.

277. Race and Ethnic Relations - 4 Credits
This course introduces and critically reviews the nature of relations between racial and ethnic groups. We examine concepts, perspectives, and research associated with majority and minority group relations. Included in this is an exploration into the role of racism, prejudice and discrimination in majority and minority relations. Furthermore, we examine the role of immigration and the experiences of selected racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Limited attention will be given to ethnic relations in the global context. Enrollment Limit: 35.

378. Sociology of the African-American Community - 4 Credits
This course shifts through many of the perspectives and empirical research relating to the condition of the African-American community. This will be aided by our exploration into various cultural, religious, historical, educational, economic, and political indicators of these conditions. We will also critically examine the nature and applicability of various sociological and "alternative" theoretical paradigms and discuss the implications of our finding for social policy. Prerequisites: One course in Sociology or African-American Studies or consent of the instructor. Identical to AAST 378.
Enrollment Limit: 25

403. Seminar in Social Psychology: African-American Personality - 4 Credits
The purpose of this course is to critically examine the literature and research on the African-American psychology and personality. Specific attention will be given to: the sociological, psychological and the afrocentric approaches to the study of African-American personality; the issue of measurement or assessment of minority personality (e.g., testing bias, etc.); the role of family and other institutions on the African-American personality; African-American self-esteem and identity and other racial concerns related to African American psychology. Prerequisites: Three courses in sociology or African-American Studies or consent of instructor. Enrollment Limit: 12. Preference given to senior sociology and AAST majors. Junior majors may also participate.