Advising and Support



The Office of the Associate Deans provides information about academic requirements, regulations, and procedures for Oberlin students pursuing course work in the Conservatory of Music. The office also processes paperwork related to many of these academic requirements and regulations.

For conservatory and double-degree students, our office coordinates academic advising; makes advisor/teacher assignments; provides information sessions for new and returning advisors; oversees students’ academic standing by monitoring grade reports and communicating with students, their advisors, and the Academic Standing Committee; and offers information and advice about academic policy issues, and general academic requirements.

Advising officially begins during Orientation, when first-year and transfer students meet their academic advisors. Conservatory and double-degree students are required to attend a group advising and departmental meeting during Orientation week, as well as meet individually with their conservatory advisors. Make an appointment using the sign up sheet on the door of your advisor’s studio. All students will receive an Orientation schedule and packet that will provide more detailed information.

Conservatory students will be assigned a private teacher and advisor based on student teacher preference and faculty availability.