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The Green EDGE Fund: Recapping a Year of Environmental Projects

May. 20, 2009

Tim Ballard, Lucas Brown, Ben Jakubowski, Josh Laufer, Madeline Marvar, and Claudia Randrup

The Green EDGE Fund is finishing an exciting, industrious year. We want to update you on our progress (see past articles for our old projects) and invite you to submit more ideas.

During the spring 2009 semester, we replaced all the shower heads in Dascomb with low-flow shower heads, and we bought an electricity-sipping spin dryer for SEED House's laundry. We're installing a compost tumbler on Union Street to begin a Village Housing composting program. We also funded Fuel Circle Fuel's conversion of a College tractor to run on veggie oil instead of diesel fuel. We believe this is the first tractor of its kind in the Midwest.

During the summer, we will make efficiency improvements in two of the Village Housing buildings on Woodland Street. Upgrades we are considering include new insulation, new windows, on-demand water heaters, and programmable thermostats. We're also exploring building bike rack covers with the Engineering Club, purchasing a compost grinder for Stevenson's food waste, and much more.

Both the college administration and the student body finance the Green EDGE Fund. During the 2008 student referendum, 85 percent of student voters supported establishing an optional fee to finance the EDGE Fund. Even though students voted $20 per student per semester as the most popular amount, we collected only $10 per student this past year because we wanted to sort out issues about the initial collection of the fee and provide a smooth, incremental start to the project.

Now that EDGE is running full-steam, the optional fee will increase in the fall to the amount the student body originally approved, $20 per student. To waive the fee, turn in this postcard (which you also will receive in the mail) to the student accounts office.

Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to many more projects together next year. If you have questions or ideas, please send them in an e-mail or visit our web site.

Tim Ballard '10, Lucas Brown '09, Ben Jakubowski '11, Josh Laufer '12, Madeline Marvar '11, and Claudia Randrup '10 are members of the Green EDGE Fund board.

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