Affiliate Groups

Affiliate groups bring together alumni with common characteristics, interests, and concerns. Active affiliate groups include the John W. Heisman Club, the Oberlin African-American Alumni Association (OA4), Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA), Oberlin Asian Pacific American Alumni Association (OAPAAA), Oberlin Christian Alumni Association (OCAA), Oberlin College Alumni Bowlers (OCAB), Oberlin Latino/a Alumni Association (OLAA), Oberlin College Ultimate Players Alumni Association (OCUPAA), Oberlin Steel Alumni Association (OSteel) and EnviroAlums. Each affiliate group selects its own chair, co-chairs, and steering committee members. Affiliate group chairs and co-chairs represent the affiliate group on the Alumni Council.

Affiliate groups are alumni who are bound together by common characteristics, interests, and concerns. In addition to their status as alumni, they may wish to form groups at their own initiative, for purposes that are consistent with those of the Alumni Association, but that may not be directly addressed by current goals and ativities of the association.