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Lambda Alumni Reunion

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Oberlin Lambda Reunion!

Come Out and Join Us for a fabulous weekend, which will take place October 10-12, 2014. This reunion, celebrating Learning and Lambda at Oberlin College, will include a welcome reception with faculty, staff and special guests at the Koppes-Norris House, hosted by Dean Eric Estes; workshops and panels; a reception hosted by the Multicultural Resource Center with faculty, staff and students; an archives exhibition of Lambda memorabilia; social gatherings; and much more.


The Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA) was approved by the Executive Board in fall 1989 as the Alumni Association's first self-defined group. It serves to facilitate the relationship between the college and its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni, and to increase the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and concerns in the life of the college. OLA coordinates an alumni reception during Commencement/Reunion weekend, and sends an annual newsletter to alumni. A representative serves on the Alumni Council.

Visit the Oberlin College LGBT Community History Project at http://www.oberlinlgbt.org/.

The Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA)* Charter

Founding Committee:

Andrew Cemelli ‘85
Martha Shackford ‘69


  1. To facilitate the relationship between the College and its gay and lesbian alumni;
  2. To increase the visibility of gay and lesbian persons and concerns in the life of the College.


Membership is open to all interested alumni who wish to be included. Our officers are selected on an annual basis by a steering committee, which is open to all interested persons.

Plans for the next year:

  1. Development of a mailing list;
  2. Organization of a Commencement reception for returning gay and lesbian alumni;
  3. Working with the Development Office staff on increasing the participation rate among gay and lesbian alumni;
  4. Working with the various student groups to bring back to campus alumni for informal discussions over spring weekend;
  5. Developing winter term projects for housing for gay and lesbian students;
  6. Distributing a regular newsletter describing our activities.

Approved 9/16/89
Executive Board

* The first name of the group was "The Oberlin Gay & Lesbian Alumni Task Force."


For more information, e-mail co-chairs Ryan Brazell '05 and Gareth Fenley ’83.