2014 Alumni Trustee Election

Oberlin is unusual among liberal arts colleges in that 6 of the 34 seats on its Board of Trustees are filled through direct election by alumni. Therefore, alumni have a unique opportunity to ensure the Board of Trustees includes members who will be mindful of the traditions and heritage of the institution while implementing the important fiduciary responsibilities incumbent upon any member of any board. The alumni trustee elected this spring will serve a four-year term starting July 1, 2014.

One trustee is elected by alumni each year. All Oberlin graduates are eligible to cast a vote for an alumni-elected trustee, a tradition that dates back to 1878. A vote for one of the candidates is an affirmation of the Oberlin tradition and confirmation of your support for Oberlin. It costs nothing, but has immense value.

Even if you believe both candidates are qualified for a position on the Board of Trustees and will serve Oberlin College well in the coming years, please take the time to review their credentials and vote. Your vote counts!

Susan Nolan Lubow ’90
Thomas Riis ’73

Voting has closed.

The results of the election will be certified by the Board of Trustees at their meeting in June. The winner of the election will be announced following certification.

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