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WATERWAYS OF RUSSIA: St. Petersburg to Moscow

June 13-23, 2014

Join us for nine nights aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe m.s. Volga Dream, the premier ship cruising Russia’s waterways with Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature Tim Scholl. This carefully crafted itinerary highlights Russia’s two great cultural capitals. Spend two nights aboard ship in St. Petersburg, czar Peter the Great’s “window on the West,” featuring a guided tour of the State Hermitage Museum. And, spend one night aboard ship in the fabled city of Moscow, the political and commercial capital of the world’s largest country, and see the world’s largest collection of Fabergé eggs. Cruise through the heartland of Mother Russia along scenic rivers, lakes and canals to the legendary open-air museum of Kizhi Island, the 14th-century monastery of Goritsy, medieval Yaroslavl and 10th-century Uglich, rustic remnants of Old Russia. This unique and always popular program appeals to the first-time visitor to Russia and the return visitor curious to see the astounding changes that have taken place in Russia’s two largest and most important cities. A two-night St. Petersburg Pre-Cruise Option and two-night Moscow Post-Cruise Option are offered. Registration has closed for this tour.

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OBIEAdventure! Utah Green River Canoeing Adventure
August 13-17, 2014

Escorted by Associate Professor of English T. Scott McMillin, author of The Meaning of Rivers

Back by popular demand! Join fellow Obies for a low cost, high value getaway in Moab, UT as we canoe down the Green River! Paddling a 60-mile section of the Green River from Crystal Geyser south of Green River, Utah, as it winds towards Mineral Bottom, just north of Canyonlands National Park, is a trip of a lifetime. Between the town of Green River, Utah, and Canyonlands National Park is part of the longest stretch of quiet wilderness water in the lower 48 states. As you canoe the Green River, the moving panorama is incomparable. The twisting, looping river winds its way between sheer, colorful sandstone walls, hundreds of feet high. Vast canyon systems and water channels branch in all directions, inviting hiking and exploring as well as providing excellent camping. This trip is family friendly!

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GREECE: Cradle of Culture — Athens, Delphi, the Peloponnese

October 19-26, 2014

Join us for an exclusive Oberlin College tour to Greece with Professor of Classics Kirk Ormand, who spent the 2007-08 academic year in Athens, Greece, as the Elizabeth A. Whitehead Professor in the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. Journey from the ancient city of Athens and across the Peloponnese peninsula through Spartan territory. Explore the Panhellenic shrine at Olympia, and visit the prehistoric site Mycenae, legendary home of Atreus and Agamemnon. Travel to Delphi, the center of the ancient world, and see the site of the most famous oracle in the ancient Mediterranean. Discover the treasures of Greek history in the world's finest collections of Greek antiquities. Take a leisurely walking tour through Athens, the capital of Greece and birthplace of democracy and philosophy, and see the fabulous new Parthenon Museum. Enjoy the delicious fresh seafoods, delectable cheeses and local wines of Southern Greece.

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Southeast Asia with Gavin Tritt, Executive Director of Oberlin Shansi
January 2015

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