Welcome Prospective Students


Welcome Prospective Oberlin Students to the Bonner Center for Service & Learning!
Our mission is to work with students, faculty, staff, community partners, and alumni to forge and facilitate common efforts that address the most pressing challenges of our time.

Can I get college credit for volunteering?
YES! Whether through a community-based learning course or an individual winter term project sponsored by a professor, you can receive college credit while volunteering. See our Spring 2015 Community Based Learning Courses for what is going to be offered next academic year.

Where can you volunteer?
We work closely with over 100 community partners to ensure students are able to be connected in areas they want to explore. Whether it is working alongside grassroots programs, volunteering in the arts or music, or working to help the environment, there are many ways locally and abroad to explore opportunities! To see the many partners Oberlin students work with, please visit our Oberlin Community Partners Wikipedia website.