If you've ever had your computer die, only to realize you had no backup of your data, you know the importance of backups! CIT encourages everyone to make a backup of the data on his or her computer routinely and often!

Faculty and Staff

College-Owned Computers

CIT provides a backup service called CrashPlan for Enterprise to all faculty and staff members free of charge. You can download a copy of CrashPlan from the Software Downloads page.

Personal Computers

CIT does not generally provide backups of data on personal computers. Prior to having your computer worked on for any reason, you should make every attempt to acquire a backup of your data. CIT Help Desk will, however, provide advice and/or instruction on how to set up a backup.

Student Computers

CIT does not provide a backup solution for students, but recommends Time Machine, Apple's backup solution, for Mac users.

Alternative Backup Solutions


You may want to consider posting some non-confidential documents online using OCDocs. Every ObieID account holder has access to their own documents, and documents that have been shared with them, through OCDocs. OCDocs can be accessed from within OCMail using the upper left navigation button "Documents", and are available from any web browser, after logging in to your email account. Note: Sensitive or confidential documents should never be posted or shared via OCDocs. Complete details on OCDocs can be found on the CIT Wiki.

Recovery of data from inoperable hard drives

For college-owned computers, if the computer hard drive crashes before data can be recovered, CIT will attempt to recover the data. If this is not possible and you strongly desire the recovery of your data, CIT can recommend external companies that may be able to recover the data for a fee. This cost must be covered out of pocket.