Cole Hershkowitz

photo of Cole Hershkowitz Position(s): Founder, CEO; Chai Energy

Chai Energy (Winter 2013-14)

I am an explorer at heart. A troublemaker, dreamer, creator, questioner, lover, aspiring orator, and innovator.

I am young enough to have spent the bulk of my life in school but old enough to do my own taxes. My education is divided between the liberal idealism of Oberlin and the intense logicality of Caltech. Experiences ranged from leading the entrepreneurship club, designing and building a net-zero home, allocating half a million dollars in student funds, and working in venture capital.

I believe we are living at a critical moment in history. Technology will overturn or incept several major industries in our lifetime and I want to be part of that change in humanity. Transportation, communication, health, quantified-self, politics (hopefully), manufacturing, energy, computer/home interaction, and sustainability.

Today I focus on sustainability and energy. Growth is wonderful, it constantly improves everyone's standard of living, but has historically always meant a growing resource consumption. Weaving sustainability into the fabric of society is a requirement if we want to continually improve our way of life with the limited resource of our planet earth.