Gabrielle “Teddy” Ment

photo of Gabrielle “Teddy” Ment Position(s): Co-Founder; Teddy And Eleanor

Teddy And Eleanor (Fall 2014-15)

GABRIELLE 'TEDDY' MENT (executive director, choreographer, clown, aerialist, circus artist) started circus in 2007 as a youth troupe member in the Amazing Grace Circus in Nyack, New York, where she gained a foundation in clowning and other circus disciplines. In 2012 she started studying at the New England Center for Circus Arts and in 2014 graduated from their professional training program. Ment has performed for the past five years nationally in the New England, midwest and tristate area and internationally in Toulouse, France and Nairobi, Kenya. When not hanging upside-down from her toes, Teddy enjoys hiking, gardening, and being in the great outdoors. Unsurprisingly, she is now attending Oberlin College to study Environmental Studies and Dance.