Jake Hochendoner

photo of Jake Hochendoner Position(s): Facilities and Technical Coordinator, Cinema Studies; Oberlin College
Location: Oberlin, Ohio


Biography 1

After graduating from Oberlin as a Cinema Studies major, I returned to Oberlin to teach technical workshops for the Cinema Department. During this time, and as a student, I worked on over 20 films in various rolls. My main interests are in Cinematography and Documentary film. My Cinematography reel can be found here: https://vimeo.com/68587933

In fall 2013, I met Glen Gerbush, the 3-D printing associate for Oberlin College, and we formed Immortal Woodshed. Our tech startup focuses on disruptive technology and 3D solutions.

Biography 2

Jakob Hochendoner is a cinematographer, documentarian, media producer and educator residing in Cleveland, Ohio. Jakob has worked on over 20 films including narrative shorts, documentaries, music videos, promotional videos and theatrical installations. He has served as Director of Photography on more than 10 of these projects. From 2012-14, he held the positions of Media Production Supervisor and Facilities and Technical Coordinator for Oberlin College's Cinema Studies Center for Media Education and Production. Today, Jakob is a StoryLens Film Production Fellow and the Chief Creative Officer of Aerial Agents.Jakob holds a B.A. in Cinema Studies and English from Oberlin College.