Max Mellman

photo of Max Mellman Position(s): Graduate Student; Oberlin Conservatory, Master of Music Teaching
Location: Oberlin, Ohio


I discovered my passion for turning idea into reality during my senior year at Oberlin. One of my friends set me up with his friend Luke Lovett, a brilliant electronic musician and programmer. I pitched Luke the idea for Maestro over a cup of coffee, and Luke said it sounded like a great idea—that he would love to work on it over that Winter Term. At the same time, I was accepted to be one of the first participants in Oberlin’s LaunchU Idea Lab. Those three weeks in LaunchU were spent tirelessly developing pitch and product, resulting in this website. If you record your own music, you should get in touch so that we can make your music available in dynamic surround sound!

Maestro is currently taking a backseat to my graduate studies in music education at the Oberlin Conservatory. I have been so lucky to work with and learn from three highly-accomplished music educators this year. They have brought out in me a passion and excellence in teaching music that I never knew I had.

One way or another, I will play my part in shaping the future of how we experience music. When I graduate, I plan on returning to the greater New York City area to teach general music for some time, and to reignite my entrepreneurial flame. If you’re there too, I’d love to meet up.