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Jackson Short

photo of Jackson Short
Projects: Living the Classical Life

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Jacob Flaschen ’14

photo of Jacob Flaschen
Major: Trumpet Performance, German
Projects: Dear Commonwealth Winter Tour

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Jada Jackson ’20

photo of Jada Jackson
Major: Undeclared
Projects: Scholarity

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Jaime Feldman ’14

photo of Jaime Feldman
Major: Cello Performance
Projects: Oberlin in India

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Jake Hochendoner

photo of Jake Hochendoner
Location: Oberlin, Ohio
Position(s): Facilities and Technical Coordinator, Cinema Studies, Oberlin College

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Jake Rogers

photo of Jake Rogers
Projects: CampusBundle, Inc.

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James Dietz ’10

photo of James Dietz
Major: Computer Science
Projects: HistoryTM

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James Rowell ’09

photo of James Rowell
Major: English
Projects: Research for the Center for Creative Reuse

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Jamie Suarez

photo of Jamie Suarez
Projects: Drakonus Brewing Company

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Jane Miller

photo of Jane Miller
Position(s): Executive Director, Healing Companions
Projects: Healing Companions

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Jared Cooper ’17

photo of Jared Cooper
Major: Jazz Percussion
Projects: Foshburg Lounge, The

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Jason Gates

Position(s): Co-founder
Projects: Compology

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Jason Williams

photo of Jason Williams
Position(s): Founder, Get With the Program
Projects: Get With The Program

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Jeanette Chen ’17

photo of Jeanette Chen
Major: Harp Performance, Politics, and Gender, Sexuality, Feminist Studies
Projects: Empowerment through Art: Marginalized Communities

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Jeff Hanson

photo of Jeff Hanson
Position(s): President, Hanson Advisors Corp., Member, Oberlin College President’s Advisory Council

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