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Joshua Rosner ’14

photo of Joshua Rosner
Major: Jazz Performance
Projects: The Syndicate for the New Arts; Dear Commonwealth Winter Tour

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Josie Davis

photo of Josie Davis
Location: Oberlin, Ohio
Position(s): Student

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José Ortiz

photo of José Ortiz
Projects: Drakonus Brewing Company

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Juan Bolaños

Position(s): Brewmaster and General Manager, Drakonus Brewing Commune
Projects: Drakonus Brewing Company

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Judy Jackson

photo of Judy Jackson
Projects: Standardizing Glitch Audio

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Kaitlin Custer

photo of Kaitlin Custer
Position(s): Kaitlin Custer '15
Projects: Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

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Kaitlyn Price ’13

photo of Kaitlyn Price
Major: Computer Science
Projects: Record Wreckers

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Kate Chase

photo of Kate Chase
Location: Seattle, Washington

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Kate Little ’19

photo of Kate Little
Major: Environmental Studies, English
Projects: The Peanut Sauce Project 2017

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Katherine Gluck ’10

photo of Katherine Gluck
Major: Economics, Classical Saxophone Performance
Projects: Un Pomeriggio di Musica

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Katie Lucey ’20

photo of Katie Lucey
Projects: Allen All-In Initiative

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Katie Thornton

photo of Katie Thornton
Projects: Somewhat Hidden History

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Kelly Jackson

photo of Kelly Jackson
Projects: PrismaNote

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Kelsey Scult ’14

photo of Kelsey Scult
Major: Studio Art, Africana Studies
Projects: Make My Mural; BAR NONE

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Kirk Pearson

photo of Kirk Pearson
Projects: Untitled Multimedia Stormchasing Project; Sea Change; Fin

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