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Avery Waite

Major: Cello Performance
Projects: Chamber Music in Italy

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Ben Chehebar

Position(s): Co-founder
Projects: Compology

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Ben Riodl-Ward

photo of Ben Riodl-Ward
Position(s): Founder, The Syndicate for the New Arts

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Benjamin Giardullo

photo of Benjamin Giardullo
Projects: The Kingston Food Exchange

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Boris Popadiuk ’14

photo of Boris Popadiuk
Major: Cello Performance
Projects: Dear Commonwealth Winter Tour

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Bradford Beckerman

photo of Bradford Beckerman
Projects: The Kingston Food Exchange

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Brandon McKenna

photo of Brandon McKenna
Major: Politics, Classical Civilization, and Law & Society
Position(s): Co-founder, StoryBook
Projects: Storybook

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Brian Hemmert

photo of Brian Hemmert
Position(s): Brian Hemmert '16
Projects: Protein Venture

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Brian Verne ’09

Position(s): Co-founder, CEO
Projects: Phenom

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Bridget van Breeman ’12

photo of Bridget van Breeman
Major: Jazz Piano Performance, Law & Society
Projects: Record Wreckers

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Bronwen Schumacher

photo of Bronwen Schumacher
Position(s): Co-President, ObieWear
Projects: Obiewear

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Bryon Skvor

photo of Bryon Skvor
Projects: Humble Grounds Roasting Company

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Camille “Camy” Newman ’02

photo of Camille “Camy” Newman
Position(s): Founder and CEO, Pop Up Plus
Projects: Pop Up Plus

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Carol Shapiro

photo of Carol Shapiro
Projects: Built by Women (BxW)

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Caroline Little ’15

photo of Caroline Little
Major: Flute Performance
Projects: Body Mapping in Finland

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