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Gabe Simon

photo of Gabe Simon
Position(s): CEO, Goby
Projects: Goby

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Gabriel Appleby ’16

photo of Gabriel Appleby
Major: Computer Science and Economics
Projects: Aptros

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Gabriel Cohen

Major: Studio Art and Politics
Projects: Bread and Butter Silkscreening Studios

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Gabriel Kanengiser ’14

photo of Gabriel Kanengiser
Major: Individually Designed Major: Practice and Economics in the Music Industry
Location: New York, New York
Projects: Stereocure

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Gabriela Baker ’11

Major: Environmental Studies
Projects: Fog Harvesting: An Environmental and Social Solution

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Gabrielle “Teddy” Ment

photo of Gabrielle “Teddy” Ment
Position(s): Co-Founder, Teddy And Eleanor
Projects: Teddy And Eleanor

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Garrett Openshaw

Major: Violin Performance
Projects: Classical Recording Assistantship

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Gavin Platt

photo of Gavin Platt
Location: Oakland, California
Position(s): Chief Creative Officer, Lucid

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George Saines

Major: Cinema Studies and Economics
Projects: Skritter

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Giovani Brady

photo of Giovani Brady
Projects: CampusBundle, Inc.

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Glen Gerbush ’12

photo of Glen Gerbush
Major: Latin Language & Literature
Position(s): Co-Founder, Dissectibles
Projects: Dissectables

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Grace Amber ’13

Projects: Trash to Treasure: The Art of Upcycling Clothes

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Greg Schram ’14

photo of Greg Schram
Major: Computer Science
Projects: Record Wreckers

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Gregory Solow ’10

Major: Creative Writing, Classical Civilizations
Projects: geakStudios

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Grover Neville ’17

photo of Grover Neville
Major: Creative Writing and Music
Projects: g3

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