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Haider Ali Khan ’11

photo of Haider Ali Khan
Major: Economics
Projects: SmarterGrades

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Hannah Parkins

photo of Hannah Parkins
Position(s): Co-Creator, Music And More
Projects: Music and More

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Harry Israelson ’11

photo of Harry Israelson
Major: Cinema Studies
Projects: OUTHERE Productions

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Hassan Bin Fahim

photo of Hassan Bin Fahim
Position(s): CEO; Founder, BASE.PK

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Hayley Drapkin ’19

photo of Hayley Drapkin
Major: Politics
Projects: Imprint

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Heather Jones ’09

photo of Heather Jones
Major: Comparative Literature
Projects: Wilder Voice: Building An Institution

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Helen Fleischer ’18

photo of Helen Fleischer
Major: Horn Performance
Projects: IntimaQ

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Helen Newby ’13

Major: Cello Performance
Projects: Quartet Tour: A New Music Exchange; deturtle: East Coast Tour

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Henry Harboe

photo of Henry Harboe
Projects: Traffic-Ads; LumenEd; LumenEd 2012

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Hilary Neff ’13

photo of Hilary Neff
Major: Environmental Studies
Projects: Mountain Garden Initiative; Lynch Community Garden Project

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Hunter Brown ’17

photo of Hunter Brown
Major: Percussion Performance
Projects: Rope Study 2.0

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Hunter Zepeda ’17

photo of Hunter Zepeda
Major: Religion, Economics
Projects: Rebirth and Revival in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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Hyacinth Parker

photo of Hyacinth Parker
Position(s): Hyacinth Parker '17
Projects: A Spoonful of Honey

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J. Garrett Sibinga

photo of J. Garrett Sibinga
Major: Art History
Projects: Disruption Engine

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Jack Kearney ’12

photo of Jack Kearney
Major: Mathematics, Economics
Projects: Applaud

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