Gender Policies

If you are a current student, incoming student, parent or prospective student, and you have questions or concerns regarding Oberlin's policies regarding gender, please contact the professional offices and staff listed below.

Multi-cultural Resource Center – The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) produces, co-sponsors and supports projects and programs on diversity and multiculturalism at Oberlin College. The purpose of the center is to serve as a resource for students who have been historically disenfranchised from higher education. The MRC works to support students of color and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students as well as address the concerns of low-income, international and first-generation college students.
Phone: (440)775-8802

Kourtney Arcaba, Associate Director for Residential Education - For questions about policy-related requests, housing assignments, room changes, bathrooms, or other housing related questions contact Kourtney Arcaba in the ResEd Office.
Phone: (440)775-8472

OSCA - For information about OSCA's policies and contact information please visit their website.


What is all-gender housing?

All-gender housing means that anyone can live in a room with anyone else, regardless of their genders. This will be implemented in a way that's consistent with student preferences and comfort level.

What is the rationale for all-gender housing at Oberlin College and Conservatory?

Because of the incredible diversity of its student body, Oberlin College and Conservatory has implemented a housing policy that is flexible enough to meet the needs of all students, be that a single-sex room or an all- gender room.

What about bathrooms?

By policy, every dorm has at least one all-gender bathroom. As soon as you move in, your floor will have a discussion and confidential vote, facilitated by a Resident Assistant or Housing Loose Ends Coordinator (Co-op Housing), to decide how the remaining bathrooms will be designated. They may be men's, women's, all-gender, or have a rotating designation depending on who is in the bathroom at a given time. If problems arise, there are opportunities for mediation through the Oberlin College Dialogue Center.

In conjunction with TAG (Transgender Advocacy Group) the Oberlin Office of Residential Education has developed a housing policy that we hope will meet the needs and comfort levels of every student on campus. Students are permitted to room with other students of any gender in any dorm, hall, or village house on campus except where specific gender themes are applicable. These include several women-only floors on campus including Baldwin Cottage the Women/Trans* Collective which is a safe space option for women and transgender students.