154 N. Main St.

Keep Cottage Front View

Located on the northern outskirts of campus, but still only a short walk away, Keep is a large mansion with expansive porch and swing. Providing meals for 75 students, the cottage houses 54 of those diners. Similar to Tank and Old Barrows, Keep has a tradition of meat-friendly meals while always having vegetarian and vegan options. The intimate and homey lounge is the primary venue for merriment, tomfoolery, and communal music playing. Keep’s basement is also home to the Oberlin Bike Co-op, where students can rent bicycles and learn to fix them, too.

Keep is no different from the other co-ops when it comes to who takes care of the place. Every member of the house has an assigned, equitable task requiring some work hours every week. Students find this a small price to pay in return for at cost housing. The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) remains a nonprofit organization, always giving back any extra funds they have at the end of the year.

Though the atmosphere changes every year with the flux of house members, Keep’s communal spirit is a constant. If this sounds like the place to be, please remember to fill out an OSCA application, available on the OSCA website. A yearly, random lottery determines who will live in and dine at Keep.

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Floor Plans


Keep Bike Co-Op, Back Entrance 

Keep Bike Co-Op

Main Lounge 

Keep Lounge

Student Residence

Keep Room

First Floor Lounge 

Keep Lounge 2