Afrikan Heritage House (Lord-Saunders)

126 Forest Street


Capacity: 80 students (first-years, sophomores, juniors, seniors)

Building Photos:

Lord South Side (exterior)

Saunders East Side (exterior) 

Room Types

 Building Staff

Single Occupancy

Divided Double 

Open Double


Typical room (photo)

2 Resident Assistants (RA) – one in Lord, one in Saunders

1 Faculty-In-Residence 

1 Resident Fellowship Scholar

Floor Plans


First Floor (Lord)

First Floor (Saunders)

Lounge with piano and TV

Kitchen (Lord)

Computer Lab (Saunders)

Laundry facilities (Saunders)

Second Floor (Lord)

Second Floor (Saunders)

Science Lab (Lord)

Sound Lab (Lord)

Kitchen (Saunders)

Laundry facilities (Laundry)

Other Features

  • Lord-Saunders is a residence for students who want to heighten their understanding of cultures, traditions, and issues among African, African American, and Afrikan Caribbean societies. It is a designated safe space for residents and students of the African Diaspora.
  • Connected to the Lord-Saunders Dining Hall
  • Library
  • Connection with Africana Studies Department
  • Collaboration with Multicultural Resource Center
  • Application is required to live in Lord-Saunders (must be logged into Oberlin email to access the form)

Those wanting to make common space room reservation in African Heritage House (Lord-Saunders) should contact the Program House Area Coordinator