Russian House (Allencroft: HECCBQ LJV)

134 S. Professor St.

Allencroft, more popularly known as Russian House, is the oldest hall on campus. Built at the start of the American Civil War in 1861, the House has a popular front porch and cozy living room.

Allencroft Exterior   Allencroft Living Room

House Support and Resources: The House has close ties to the Russian Department and has a Faculty-in-Residence who helps the Resident Assistant (RA) support and program for the students. Additionally, the Russian Department has a room set aside in the dining hall for speakers who wish to practice over meals. Allencroft has a considerable library as well as Russian stations on the TV to help students study and learn.

Programming: Programs in the house range from Russian Teas and Faculty Picnics to October Revolution and Poetry Night.

Russian House Program Photo      Russian House Program Photo2

House Requirements and Application: Students wishing to live in Allencroft should have some proficiency in the language and fill out an application; the 15 or so students in Allencroft have proficiencies ranging from fluent to beginning so any level is welcome to apply!

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Russian House Dorm Room

(Above Image: Typical bedroom layout)

  Space Reservations

Those wanting to make common space room reservations in Russian House/Allencroft should contact the Program House Area Coordinator.