Spanish House (Harvey: La Casa Hispanica)

96 S. Professor St.

Better known as Spanish House or La Casa Hispanica, Harvey is where students wishing to perfect their Spanish language skills reside. Nearly 30 students are selected to live in Harvey which means this community, though small, is passionate about the Spanish language and all that comes with it.

Harvey Exterior   Harvey Lounge

House Support and Resources: Harvey is closely connected with the Department of Hispanic Studies. One Faculty-in-Residence and two Teaching Assistants (TAs) live in the house with one Resident Assistant (RA) to supervise the students and help them progress with their language skills.

Programming: The two lounges in Harvey are consistently used for parties, study breaks, and brunches cooked by the residents. For those wishing to practice their skills while socializing, Harvey hosts specials meals and 'Café Latinos' in the house and the Stevenson dining hall has a reserved room for members of the house and those wishing to participate.

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House Requirements and Application: Like all the language-based Program Houses, students wanting to live in Harvey must speak Spanish (all proficiencies from beginner to fluent are welcome). Each Resident is encouraged to facilitate a house program and attend the Spanish Language tables in the Stevenson Dining Hall.  Please fill out an application if you to live here.

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Space Reservations

Those wanting to make common space room reservations in Spanish House/Harvey should contact the Program House Area Coordinator.