Health Insurance

CIGNA is the administrator of the Oberlin College health insurance plan.  The health plan is offered to benefits-eligible employees and includes a Prescription Plan, and mental health and substance abuse insurance plan.  The plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with in-network benefits and out-of-network benefits, and covers a single employee status up to family status. Faculty, administrative and professional staff (A&PS), and confidential employees have the option to enroll in a CDHP plan with a health savings account. (Retirees are offered a retiree health insurance plan which can be found under Retirement Process.) 

There are no claim forms to be completed for in-network services.  To obtain reimbursement for your out-of-network services, you will find a medical claim form below.  This form has to be completed and submitted to CIGNA within 180 days from the date of service.  For detailed information on the plan, please view the complete Summary Plan Documents and other links below.  

The Prescription Plan is a three-tier plan and is part of the health insurance plan.  It offers 30-day supplies through retail pharmacies or 90-day mail order supplies through CIGNA Home Delivery.  This plan is available only within the United States except in emergency situations.  (You may want to order prescriptions in advance if you are traveling out of the country.)  Under specific conditions in certain union contracts, unionized employees may be eligible for an additional discount.  To apply for the additional discount, complete the Three-tier Drug Reimbursement Form (Unions). 

Vaccinations may be obtained at these pharmacies.   Note that the pharmacies must process the vaccinations through the Cigna Medical Claim System. For a list of available vaccines, click here.

The health plan is slightly varied between unionized and non-unionized employees as follows:

1.  OAPA Plan (Plan A):  This health plan is available for benefits-eligible non-unionized staff, specifically, Faculty, Administrative and Professional, and Confidential staff.

2.  (Plan B) for Unionized Employees:

OBSR (Plan B Standard Plan) and OBIR (Plan B Incentive Plan) - OCOPE

NBSR (Plan B Standard Plan) and NBIR (Plan B Incentive Plan) - UAW

SBSR (Plan B Standard Plan) and SBIR (Plan B Incentive Plan) - Security

These B health plans are available for benefits-eligible unionized employees.  The incentive plans are only available to benefits-eligible unionized employees who voluntarily take a Biometric Screening and a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  The Biometric Screening and HRA must be taken during Open Enrollment or within 31 days from an employee's date of hire.  If an employee's spouse or domestic partner has primary coverage on the NBIR, they must also comply with the requirements.

To participate in the A health plan or any of the B health plans, benefits-eligible employees must enroll within 31 days from the date of hire or during our annual Open Enrollment in the month of October, with an effective date of January 1.  During the annual Open Enrollment period, you may enroll, change, or cancel your health insurance. Current enrollments roll over automatically to the new plan year.  If you are currently enrolled and do not need to change or cancel your plan, you do not need to take any action during the annual Open Enrollment, except if your spouse/domestic partner has primary health insurance on the Oberlin College plan.  If this is applicable to you, you will need to complete a Spousal Coordination of Benefit Form each year.  (Note:  You may change or cancel your enrollment within 31 days of a status change such as marriage, birth/adoption, divorce, legal separation or annulment, or death.  For more information, please contact HR at 440-775-8430.)

The effective coverage date on the plan is the first day of the month following an employee's hire date, unless the hire date is the first of the month.  After you enroll in the plan, CIGNA will mail ID cards to your home address.  For providers in the CIGNA plan, click and select "Open Access Plus" (without CareLink).

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 440-775-8430.

OAPA Plan (Plan A) -  Detailed SPD - Faculty/A&PS/Confidentials

OAPA Plan (Plan A) - Brief Summary SPD - Faculty/A&PS/Confidentials

OAPA Plan (Plan A) Plus HSA - Brief Summary SPD - Faculy/A&PS/Confidentials

OAPA Plan (Plan A) Plus HSA - Detalied SPD Faculty/A&PS/Confidentials


OBSR Plan (Plan B Standard) - Brief Summary SPD -OCOPE

OBIR Plan (Plan B Incentive) - Brief Summary SPD - OCOPE

CDHP Plan Plus HSA - Detalied SPD - OCOPE

NBSR/NBIR - Detailed SPD - UAW

NBSR Plan (Plan B Standard) - Brief Summary SPD - UAW

NBIR Plan (Plan B Incentive) - Brief Summary SPD - UAW

SBSR/SBIR - Detailed SPD - Security

SBSR Plan (Plan B Standard) - Brief Summary SPD - Security

SBIR Plan (Plan B Incentive) - Brief Summary SPD - Security

Medical Claim Form

Prescription Three-tier Program

Prescription Step Therapy - (A Plan only)

CIGNA Drug List

CIGNA Preventive Drug List

CIGNA Home Delivery Order Form 

Three-tier Drug Reimbursement Form (Unions)

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Information

CIGNA Health Advisor

Summary Annual Report 2015

Spousal Coordination of Benefit Form