1835 Fund Scholarship

During the year of 1835, Oberlin College trustees voted to admit African American students into the institution while the College and community became involved in the anti-slavery movement by participating in Underground Railroad efforts. Utilizing this idea of access and opportunity, Oberlin Alumni endowed what is now called the 1835 fund. The fund is structured to primarily assist African American students as they partake in career development activity during Winter Term. The support of the fund depends on the interactins between the student and an Alumni mentor as well as the ways in which the Winter Term activity reinforces their personal career development. The 1835 committee, formed of Alumni, members of the Alumni Association and staff of the Career Center and the Multicultural Resource Center, agreed to organize the fund in order to promote mentoring opportunities that would not only support students, but encourage Alumni to give back to their alma mater.

Winter Term 2006 was the first year grants were awarded. If you are interested in applying for an 1835 Grant please contact either the Career Center or the MRC. Applications are typically due toward the end of the fall semester and preference is given to junior and senior applicants.

Grant Recipients 2005-2006
Sprinavasa Bell, '06
Donnell Kelly, '06

Grant Recipients 2006-2007
Assiatou Diallo, '08
Vanessa Flowers, '07
Danielle Taylor, '07
Ezinwanyi Ukegbu, 08

Grant Recipients 2007-2008
AGAPE group project trip to South Africa (Charlotte Collins, '08; Vanessa Coleman, '10; Kristal Boyd, '10; Asha Hannah, '11; Emmanuel Magara, '11)
Jody-Ann Allen, '08
InSoo Jung, '10
Phebe Philips, '10
Juan Sosa, '08
Amber Walker, '11