Alumni Interviews

The MRC will interview notable Oberlin College alums as a part of our ongoing efforts to recognize the history of communities traditionally disenfranchised from higher education and to encourage connections between students and alumni resources.

Joey Plaster, Class of '00

Joey Plaster

For the most part, Oberlin felt like an incredibly fertile place to learn, cultivate critical thinking skills, and develop authentic identities -- including queer identities. The challenge (for me and others) was to connect with people from different backgrounds to transform our individual work into collective work, and to do this in a thoughtful, respectful way, while also not losing sight of the world outside of Oberlin... more on Plaster's interview

Diane C. Yu, Class of '73

Diane YuI’ve always been fortunate in terms of jobs – they’ve been universally challenging and allowed me to work with some wonderful people. Currently, I am the Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President of New York University, the largest private university in the nation, with a portfolio that mirrors that of the President.... more on Yu's interview

Wendell P. Russell Jr., Class of '71

Wendell Russell Jr.I returned to Oberlin in the fall of 1967 and my college years were during the height of the anti-war and black student revolution era. We created the African-American Studies Program, Afro House [now Afrikan Heritage House] and out of our demands the College hired its first black administrator.... more on Russell's interview

Roger Goodman, Class of '68

Roger GoodmanI’m a Spiritual Director, oral historian, counselor, musician, teacher, speaker, and workshop facilitator who has been participating in and working with the LGBT community since coming out publicly in 1965 at the age of 18. The first student to declare his homosexuality at Oberlin College, I was then present at the Stonewall Riots and participated in the Gay Liberation Front... more on Goodman's interview