portrait photoMarvin Krislov
14th President of Oberlin College

The president is the chief executive officer of the college and is responsible for its effective administration and operation. The president reports to the Board of Trustees, of which he or she is an ex officio member. The president’s senior staff, made up of deans, vice presidents, and special assistants, manage specific branches of the college, so that the president is able to focus on broader issues concerning the college. The president serves ex officio as chair of the General Faculty and the General Faculty Council, and as a member of the divisional faculty councils. The staff of the president’s office includes the assistant to the president, who functions as the chief of staff; the assistant to the president for communications, who collaborates with the president on speeches, reports, and public communications; an administrative manager; and an executive secretary.

A Decade of Leadership

Marvin Krislov will step down as the president of Oberlin College and Conservatory on June 30, 2017. During his tenure, President Krislov helped make Oberlin more accessible, he raised Oberlin’s international and national profile, and he championed liberal arts education. Read more »

From the President’s Desk

Each week during the academic year, President Marvin Krislov contributes a column, President's Desk, to Oberlin OnCampus, the website for the college's on-campus community. In it, he shares and discusses issues of importance to Oberlin and higher education. Read his columns on Wednesday afternoons or subscribe to the RSS feed.