Students who have withdrawn or have been suspended must submit a completed reinstatement form to the registrar's office in order to return to Oberlin. Under some circumstances, students are asked to submit additional materials prior to action on their applications. Students wishing to return to Oberlin must submit appropriate forms (available at the Registrar's Office) and materials by the preferred deadline of July 1 for fall semester and by December 1 for the spring semester. Forms received after that date will be considered; however, students are not guaranteed an opportunity to register before classes begin or to receive preferred housing assignments.

Once the reinstatement form is submitted, the registrar's office will seek approval of the Office of Student Accounts, the Office of the Dean of Students, and the Office of the Dean of Studies/Associate Dean of the Conservatory. If all offices approve a student's return, the registrar's office will contact the student regarding registration and Residential Education and Dining Services will contact the student regarding housing and dining preferences. Students must be cleared for readmission/reinstatement by August 15 for the first semester or January 15 for second semester in order to enroll for that semester. No exceptions.

You may be required to make a $300 matriculation deposit payable to Oberlin College by check or cash before registration and re-enrollment will be permitted. You will be notified if such a deposit is necessary.

When conservatory or double-degree students wish to return to the conservatory, the Associate Dean of the Conservatory reviews the academic record in consultation with representatives of the appropriate major departments. Students gone for two or more consecutive semesters may be required to reaudition for readmission and or reinstatement. Those who have been away for more than four semesters must meet the graduation requirements for the major in effect at the time of their return to the conservatory.

The reinstatement form can be printed, filled out, and sent in if you don't have a copy.


Reinstatement Form