International Projects

Oberlin encourages students, staff and faculty to use winter term as a time to develop and participate in projects outside the United States. Past international projects range from learning a language through an intensive immersion program in Mexico, teaching and performing music in Panama, studying land use or Bollywood in India, or volunteering at an AIDS orphanage in Kenya or a refugee center in Belgium. International winter term trips involve advance planning and forethought to be successful. Posted below are documents that will help you through the process of planning and implementing an international winter term group project.

Individual International Projects

Individual students will work with their project sponsor, who will guide and support them throughout planning, implementing and reporting on their project.

Individual international project participants are recommended to:

- Complete the Individual International Winter Term Student Information Form. (Available here)

- Register their travel plans with the U.S. Department of State using the STEP. (Smart Travelers Enrollment Program)

- Purchase an overseas travel, medical and emergency insurance policy through GeoBlue. (Enrollment and Brochure)

- Review the Student Handbook for International Projects.

  • Consult with the Office of International Studies as needed for logistical or security advice.  Contact Amy Moniot. (

Group International Projects

A group of three or more students conducting the same project in the same location must coordinate with the Office of International Programs.  For more information contact Amy Moniot, assistant dean of studies, as soon as possible so that she can help guide you through the process. 

Group International project participants are required to attend a group pre-departure orientation lead by a member of the Office of International Programs, where participants will be required to complete the following steps:

- Purchase an overseas travel, medical and emergency insurance policy through GeoBlue. (Enrollment and Brochure)

- Complete the Group International Winter Term Form

- Sign a Student Code of Conduct.

- Schedule a brief Pre-Departure Orientation with Amy Moniot before you depart.

- Comply with other requirements or recommendations from the Office of International Programs specific to the project destination.

More Information:
- Frequently Asked Questions regarding International Winter Term Projects.

International Medical Information:
     - Center for Disease Control
     - World Health Organization
     - Vaccination Fees

Safety and Security Information:
     - U.S. Department of State, Country Specific Information
     - Students Abroad