1. Winter Term Office, Peters 205, x56499 Rochelle Travis, Administrative Assistant This office has Winter Term information and forms, and is prepared to offer assistance about Winter Term. Completed grant application forms should be returned to the Winter Term Office.
  2. Course Catalog Most Arts & Sciences departments list the Winter Term interests of their faculty members.
  3. Career Center, Stevenson/Longman Commons (x58140) This office can help students identify and obtain career-related Winter Term projects and internships. Many projects and internships are directed by alumni. Alumni can also be helpful in providing accommodations during Winter Term. Students are encouraged to meet with a Career Advisor to discuss options.
  4. Bonner Center for Service and Learning, Daub House (x58055) The Bonner CSL offers a clearinghouse of opportunities for students interested in Oberlin community service projects during Winter Term. (Examples: "Grant Writing for Grassroots Organizations" and "Building with Habitat for Humanity.") Individual projects are supported by a series of workshops conducted by the Center’s staff. The Bonner CSL staff and resource materials can provide assistance in identifying potential group and individual projects.
  5. International Winter Term Projects, Amy Moniot, Assistant Dean of Studies/Assistant Director of Programs for International Study, offers assistance on planning, and implementing international winter term group projects for students, faculty and staff (x55226) Peters 205.
  6. Registrar’s Office, Carnegie 124 (x58450) This is the office where students turn in Winter Term registration cards. Registrar’s Office staff will answer questions about registering for Winter Term or making changes to Winter Term registration cards.
  7. Winter Term Committee–c/o Rochelle Travis, Peters 205 (x56499) This Committee sponsors the Winter Term Fair each year. They also provide limited funding for group and individual projects. Members of the Winter Term Committee are available to advise students, faculty, and staff about Winter Term policies and opportunities. However, only the associate deans listed below may grant students exceptions to Winter Term requirements.
  8. Joyce Babyak, Dean of Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, Peters 205 (x58540) or Mary Kay Gray, Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs, Conservatory of Music, Bibbins 123 (x58293) Students must see Dean Babyak or Dean Gray about resolving problems concerning the completion of Winter Term requirements or related issues.